Muzetta Thrower, Chairperson of the Board

Mrs. Muzetta Thrower received her B.A. degree in Music Education in 1959 from Jackson State University. In 1975 she minored in English and received a M.A. degree in Art Counseling Psychology from Ball State University, Rein Main, Germany. In 1980 she completed a certificate program in Education Administration from the California State University Sacramento, California. Mrs. Thrower is an Education Consultant and served in multiple positions for the Travis and Vacaville Unified School Districts from 1996 to 2005. Most notable include Chair of the School Attendance Review Boards (SARB). SARB is a community/school-based effort designed to harness multiple resources to help families and students with truancy intervention. She also worked closely with the Vacaville City Police Department Youth Service that strives to provide alternative activities to delinquency and build a common bond between youth and the community.

As Interim Director of Learning Support she and her staff focused on the teacher and student learning by collaborating with various consultants, teachers, educational support staff, and the broader community to help advance the quality of learning and teaching within the Unified School Districts. Other positions include Interim Director of Student Services responsible for providing leadership, coordination, supervision, and administration of education programs including health, recreation, and transportation for regular and special education, related services and diagnostic evaluations and athletics with the goal of promoting an environment conducive to learning and professional growth; Interim Principal, Internal Investigator, Nurse Supervisor, Director of Home Health Hospital, District Level Supervisor of Discipline, and liaison between the School District and Youth Services. Mrs. Thrower is actively involved in the Travis Air Force Base Chapel Community and the Vacaville Youth Round Table. She has four children, Wesley, Regina, Roxanne and Robert, Jr., and is married to Robert L. Thrower, Sr., who retired from the Air Force as a Chief Master Sergeant. Mrs. Thrower is a Silver Star and life member of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. She and her husband reside in Northern Nevada.

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